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Compassion For the Poor



Galatians 2:10, All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do. 

In 2003 the River of Grace launched a fundraising campaign in order to help raise money for amputees in Shandong Province it was during this time that we saw the potential of the church to change the lives of the poor and needy around the world.  Since then we have been involved in various projects around the world helping feed orphans, supporting schools, and building dorms and responding to disasters. As a core value of our church we believe God has called us to help bring relief through the love of Christ through aid and relief projects around the globe.

Please see the links for projects the River of Grace is involved in:


To Africa with love 

 To Africa with Love is an initiative to alleviate poverty in war-torn African countries. Through practical assistance, training and the love of Christ; we aim to strengthen and empower local churches to reach and impact their communities with the gospel and break the cycle of poverty.

For more information about To Africa with Love  visit :


Packs of Hope

Packs of Hope is a ministry to the poor in China and Africa. Every year we fill thousands of backpacks with school supplies, toys, and toiletries and give them away to children in need all over China and Africa. We began this project in 2005 by filling several hundred shoe boxes for needy children in rural areas of China. Since that time it has grown to helping more than 1000 children each year.


Bread of Life Bakery

Bread of Life Bakery creates jobs and a good working environment for older orphans who are disabled. 
For more information about Bread of Life visit : http:


Agape Life House

The Goal of ALH  is to help the orphans and the poor in a real and tangible way. Their main focus is to care for children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also called Children of Glass due to their Brittle Bones Condition. Their objective is to provide a safe and loving environment for the children who live here and to bring purpose and meaning to their lives. Every child will be given the opportunity to thrive through education, discipleship and loving care.

For more information regarding Agape Family Life House, visit